When we pick up a newspaper (I know an actual newspaper made out of paper and ink!), I rarely read the comic strips. For some unknown reason, I looked at them the other day and could not avoid seeing this...
  1. From "Mark Trail," a woman drowning...
    Huh? But wait, there's more!
  2. And a man drowning...
    WTF! No other context, that's it.
  3. Finding it odd, I showed it to my wife, who enjoys reading the "Funnies," although usually not "Mark Trail," which lacks the whole "funny" vibe.
  4. She shrugged it off, "Oh, that's a serial. Looks like two people are drowning."
  5. Ah, such a lovely Holiday Season pick-me-up. I just pray that Garfield is not choking on lasagna.