I enjoy a cheat meal on the paleo diet every now and then, and often that cheat meal is a great burger. I'm lucky to live in the best burger city in the world! Here are some of my favorites.
  1. Apple Pan
    Still the champ! Get the Hickory Burger, not the Steak Burger. Save room for pie.
  2. Westside Tavern
    Right across the street from Apple Pan in the Westside Pavilion mall.
  3. Umami
    Yes, the service has gone downhill recently, but the Truffle Royale is still an amazing burger and the Truffle Cheese Fries are part of any death bed meal.
  4. Bill's Burgers
    A greasy stand in the middle of Van Nuys. Bill is 90 years old and still flipping burgers. Greasy, but good!
  5. In-N-Out
    NEED a Double Double about 3 times a year.
  6. Father's Office
    You forget how good the Office Burger is until you have one again.
  7. Timmy Nolan's
    An Irish Pub in Toluca Lake. Surprisingly good food, and the burger with steak fries is outstanding.
  8. Taylor's Steakhouse
    Who goes to a steakhouse to order a burger? But it's amazing. Try it for lunch.
  9. Hole in the Wall
    Haven't been there since they moved to Santa Monica, but a burger on their pretzel roll is delicious.
  10. Plan Check
    The ketchup leather is the key to this outstanding burger.