I enjoy a cheat meal on the paleo diet every now and then, and being from Brooklyn, often that cheat meal is pizza! Here are my favorites in my adopted city that taste like my birth city.
  1. Joe's Pizza
    The same one as the original on 6th Ave and Bleeker in NYC's Greenwich Village. Been in LA for several years now with 5 locations and a truck! Sunset Plaza, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Century City mall, Fashion Square mall in Sherman Oaks.
  2. Village Pizzeria
    Owner Steve Cohen is from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. 'Nuff said. 2 locations, the original in Larchmont Village, and also on Yucca in Hollywood.
  3. Mulberry Street Pizza
    In Beverly Hills, Encino, and Sherman Oaks. A taste of Little Italy.
  4. Pepe's NY Pizza
    On Ventura Blvd and Radford. Close your eyes and you're in NY.
  5. Angelino's PIzzeria
    North Hollywood. Not just some of the best pizza, some of the best Italian food in LA!