From my blog, my favorite paleo substitutes for pasta and noodles. Just use a peeler or spiral cutter to get the desired results. All recipes are available at, and you can check out my video for spiralizing instructions:
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    Daikon Radish. Best spiralized. I think this is the number one pasta and noodle substitute because the taste is completely neutral, so it takes on the flavor of the sauce the best. Just spiralize, boil for 5 minutes, drain, and toss with whatever you're making. Great as paleo spaghetti, but I love it as lo mein too!
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    Cucumber Noodles. Best spiralized. Makes for some amazing refreshing cold noodle salads. Great as cold sesame noodles, or a deconstructed Greek salad, or simply tossed with leftover salsa!
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    Zucchini noodles. Best spiralized. I have two problems with zucchini. First, it had a distinct flavor, so unless it goes with your sauce, it's not that versatile. And second, it gets very watery when cooked, and it can easily turn your sauce into soup. However, because it's so watery, it's the perfect noodle for ramen soup!
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    Parsnip. Best with a peeler. Very versatile. Has a great earthy root veggie taste. Makes for great fettuccine, or flat noodles for pot roast (drenched in duck fat instead of butter), or larger flat noodles for Pad See Ew.
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    Carrot. Best with a peeler. Very similar to parsnip in versatility. Love it as pappardelle in meat sauce, but my favorite is as a shorter flat noodle in Shrimp Pad Thai!
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    Summer Squash (aka Yellow Zucchini). Best spiralized. Not as watery as zucchini, with a more mild flavor. The beautiful yellow color makes for some bold looking dishes. Like it best in vegetarian dishes, like Pasta Michelangelo (mushrooms, spinach, garlic, olive oil).
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    Spaghetti Squash. Not a fan. Looks like spaghetti, but the squash flavor is so pronounced, I find it doesn't really go with any sauce without tasting like a mistake had been made. No need to waste your time with it when Daikon Radish is superior in every way. Choose that instead next time you make paleo Spaghetti and meatballs!