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I get it, you want us to consume your media and therefore you have to make it all enticing but seriously media, get some chill.
  1. Showing off/debuting/ flaunting her baby bump
    No. If I went to my job and was pregnant I would not be "flaunting my bump" I would be at work. If your job involves going to places you will be photographed and you also happen to be pregnant I don't see how this is any different.
  2. Whilst we're at it the use of flaunting at all
    Being seen whilst doing something does not a flaunt make
  3. Misappropriation of secret
    There is a difference between keeping something private and it being a secret.
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Patrick asked me to create this and I figured as he puts up with me most days it is the least I could do.
  1. This is @paddie1983
    I know it looks like Batman but I promise it's not.
  2. He is super sexified
    And these are a few of his favourite things:
  3. Squirrels
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  1. I love my cats, on days when I don't think I can keep going I can because I know these fur balls rely on me
  2. They are awesome little snugglemonkeys
    I know, you've died
  3. But
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I'm 31, I've suffered from an ED in one form or another for over half my life. I started treatment last year and am just starting to realise how effed up my life is.
  1. I don't LOOK ill
    Well not in the way you'd expect someone with an eating disorder to look. In its current incarnation my diagnosis is bulimia but I'm also over weight. Turns out that when you starve yourself and then binge on foods with no nutritional value that can happen even if you purge.
  2. It's expensive as hell
    There are a lot of health implications obviously but having bulimia is expensive! I spend hundreds of pounds a month on food I do not want and eliminate from my body as soon as possible. I am in debt because of this.
  3. Laxative addiction
    As repulsive as it sounds and additionally incredibly dangerous.
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  1. My work inbox 3 days into annual leave 😐
  2. That time Nick Clegg followed me on Twitter
  3. Anna Kendrick is my patronus
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  1. Just the one search result but when this is the one result who needs more?
  1. This picture of Harrison Ford
  2. Look at it again.
I have a lot of feelings for @lenadunham right now.
  1. Hi Lena Dunham
    Like my friend Emily Brown you are one of those people I have to full name at all times. There's just a really excellent ring to your name.
  2. It's very likely that you will never see this list and will never know how full of love my heart is for you right now.
    That's ok. If you don't read this it's still out in the universe.
  3. I just watched season 5, episode 6 of Girls. It made my heart both break and sing.
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Single female traveller looking for recommendations. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
As I'm sure we all do I often watch the Walking Dead and wonder what would become of me in the Zombie Apocalypse. These are the facts.
  1. Trying to save my cats
    I could pretend it would be something more badass but I would 100% go back for these floofs. I have a cat carrier backpack (or catpack) so on the off chance we make it out alive...
  2. My total lack of weaponry
    I don't even own a baseball bat/golf club
  3. No vehicle
    I live in a town, I walk or get the train everywhere. I can drive but I don't have a vehicle so I would be trying to make my escape on foot with a backpack full of cats.
  4. I honestly don't know what would happen when the coffee ran out.
    Can I function without it? I don't know and I don't want to find out.