Inspired by @TheWonderKid. Incase you ever need to identify my body or whatnot.
  1. Just below my left eyebrow
    Looks like I once had a piercing there but I was never that person. I was a toddler with a puppy, our mutual enthusiasm ended in tears.
  2. Inside of right leg just above my ankle.
    No idea, I was very drunk, the first I knew about this was my shoe filling with blood. Given the depth of the cut versus the distance from the ground I hazard I was knifed by a Borrower.
  3. Arthroscopy scars on both knees
    I am a beautiful and unique flower with wonky bones.
  4. Both kneecaps
    Those wonky bones make me fall down a lot.
  5. Left hand - multiple small scars
    I was in an abusive relationship with my first cat.
  6. Inside of my top lip
    My friends Weimaraner bit through my lip when I was a teenager. He was a dick, I did not start it.