Inspired by @rachelnator
  1. Tried to take apart my built in wardrobe
    Managed to get 3 screws out before admitting defeat.
  2. Watched 6 episodes of Bates Motel
  3. Vacuumed
  4. Made gf porridge
  5. Sent Kate multiple texts about gf porridge
    Because gluten free things fill her with rage and Kate rage makes me happy
  6. Slept way too much
  7. Did some tidying
    Which seems to have resulted in there being more mess than pre tidying. How does this happen?
  8. Put a conditioning mask on my hair
  9. Took a lot of photos of the cats
    They're so cute guys
  10. Drank a lot of soda
  11. Thought about lists
  12. Had a weird dream which was basically the plot of a video game
  13. Looked online for Rob Lowe memes
  14. Took too many cold meds
    Which probably explains a lot of the other stuff