Advantages to working on a holiday

First, it's my choice to work today. I am taking time next week, so I'll still get some time off. Let me be clear, I know how much it sucks to work holidays when it's not your choice and you miss all the family fun. I've been in that situation, too.
  1. My commute was a dream
    This stretch of road is usually packed with cars going both directions. It can easily take me over an hour to get to work due to traffic. Took 30 mins today!
  2. I get a great parking spot
    Literally no cars on my level. I parked right next to the door!
  3. I'll get a lot done today
    No one else is here so I won't get phone calls or emails! Yay!!
  4. I don't have to write my name on my lunch in the fridge
    Because no one else is here to accidentally grab it. A lot of us bring yogurt and have accidentally swapped before. Sharpie to the rescue.