Favorite things about being a mom

It's been a surprising roller coaster full of twists and turns, but mostly full of love around every corner
  1. Watching her grow!
    She's already a completely different baby than we brought home. In (almost) 5 short months, she can already sit up, hold her bottle, roll over, hold her head up, pull to stand and has nearly doubled her body weight.
  2. Everything is amazing to her.
    This is a year of firsts for her and everything is amazing. I'm sitting up now- wow! I'm standing up now- wow! I'm lying back down now- wow! I'm in the pool- wow!
  3. I can't believe how much I love her.
    My heart could just explode.
  4. The hospital was the sweetest time of our lives between my husband and me
    He was right there. Every step of the way. Even in the OR when our night took a little detour and we found ourselves facing an unplanned C - section. We both stayed up talking about the experience and just looking at our baby girl when we should've been sleeping. My best part of the birth story came from the OR when he was trying to comfort me (read himself) and about rubbed my arm off. I'm giggling thinking about it.
  5. I remember the moment I knew I would love this kid forever
    I was 5 months pregnant and driving to an all day work meeting about an hour and a half away from my house. I had my tunes going and she kicked. The tears started flowing and I felt suddenly connected to her as a person, not just this separate entity growing in my belly. What a feeling.
  6. When she smiles at me
    She smiled at me the first time on February 18, 2016. She has the cutest little smile and it's a whole face type of smile. She smiled at me during story time last night. Even though we call her the "world's most serious baby" she has the best smile ever.
  7. How much love I have the capacity to give
    I thought I was maxed out at my husband. He's a cool dude and I love him lots. Baby girl has brought things full circle and filled our house with so much love.
  8. How tough I was in the hospital!
    I was SO scared of having a baby. The HAVING part and the taking care of her at home part. The whole shebang. I had an epic meltdown after our birthing class. It should make you feel better, right? Not me. When we got there, I was a champ in the hospital! I am proud of myself. I pushed every time they said to push and never complained or gave up once. I didn't have one cross word for my husband. Not one. I was even brave in the OR, knowing I was having major surgery to get this baby out.
  9. She's nearly doubled her body weight on MY milk
    I am a breast feeding mom who works full time. I heard some great advice a year ago about being a career mom. When deciding how to divide your time, never miss "the most important meeting or the most important day at school." For me right now, it's fitting in pumping at work and nursing at home. It's busy and it's tough but I am keeping my kid alive from MY OWN BODY. What??! Is that for real??! Sure is!!! And I'm darn proud of it.