Favorite Zoey things right now

She'll be 7 months old on Monday! In honor of her being over halfway to one, here's a list of my favorite things she's doing right now.
  1. She knows how to get our attention
    She has this one certain little yell that we know means "look at me!" She only does it when David or I have our back turned and she wants attention. It's so cute!
  2. She tries really hard to use the spoon on her own
    She gets that the spoon is the food delivery device. She doesn't quite understand how the food gets on the spoon or how exactly the spoon should go into her mouth. Sometimes she gets excited and tries to shove the whole spoon in her mouth (longways) and I have to watch her so she doesn't choke herself. Another favorite is lifting up the spoon with way too much gusto and flinging food. There's a spot of blueberries downstairs somewhere that I'll never find.
  3. She wants her nap time or bedtime bottle in the bed.
    I don't even try to give it to her on my lap anymore. She starts sucking at the air as soon as I lay her down whether she just had a bottle or not. She gets SO excited about her bottle! It cracks me up. Today she insisted on covering her face while she ate.
  4. She's starting to notice the dogs
    Twice tonight she tossed her hand over the side of her highchair to get Tito to lick it. She laughed the whole time he licked her hand. This is Tito. He's a weirdo.
  5. She is rolling over so well
    She doesn't seem to really like being on her tummy, but she can get there easily. Yesterday, she started crawling backward in her play yard.