Each loss changes us in some way or another. The process for settling into the new normal can be long and painful. I learned a lot about what's important in life through noticing Jewlee's favorite things.
  1. First of all, she's a dog
    If you're rolling your eyes, this list isn't for you! She was the best dog in the world and lived to be 13. We had to let her go unexpectedly in December 23, 2016. Nine days before our daughter was born.
  2. It's not the place, it's the people that matter
    Anywhere her daddy was, was home. She was happiest around him and it didn't matter if they were at David's parents' house, his tiny college apartment, or our house after we got married.
  3. Soak in and take comfort of the mundane
    Adventures are necessary to keep life interesting, but they're not the foundation. It's not the big road trips or outings to get ice cream that make my heart ache. What makes my heart ache is scooting two food bowls under the cabinet instead of three. Or looking at the empty dog bed in the corner. Or not hearing her snore at night. The mundane IS your life, while adventures are a part of it.
  4. Begin your day with gusto!
    Jewlee was so excited in the mornings! She was a morning girl all her life. She was ready to hop up and enjoy the day. She rarely played with the other dogs any other time of day except the mornings. Instead of being cranky when the alarm goes off, I try and channel my Jewlee girl and begin my day with gusto.
  5. Be enthusiastic about your favorite things
    Supper time and bed time were hands down her favorite things in life. What time was supper, you ask? Dark thirty or whenever Jewlee decided it was time to eat. She would come over and start harassing us and get all the dogs to gang up on us when she determined it was time to eat. When it came to bedtime, she would go upstairs by herself if we weren't ready. Do your closest acquaintances know what your favorite things are?
  6. If you know this will be your last, take full advantage of it
    It was awful knowing what we were going to the vet's office to do. We both felt sick all day and I cried a lot. But I'm glad we were able to say goodbye. I laid in the floor with her most of the day and petted her and loved on her. When our appointment time came, there was a terrible traffic jam and it took us over an hour to go 10 minutes down the road. We diverted and took a last ride through the park. She perked up and smelled the air and seemed happy and at peace. It was wonderful.
  7. It's ok to be skeptical of new people who suddenly appear in your life
    I was clearly the other woman in the beginning. She ate my shoes, pooped in the house every time I came over and would immediately steal my spot beside David when I got up. She didn't trust me with her daddy yet and that's ok. I may not show my skepticism in the exact same way Jewlee did 😊, but I think it's a good lesson to ensure people earn your trust and not hand it out freely to anyone who waltzes into your life. We eventually became best friends and she decided I am OK.
  8. Until we meet again, sweet Jewlee girl