Things people say that drive me nuts
  1. "I respectfully disagree"
    I've never had anyone say that without immediately being disrespectful. If you're being respectful as you disagree with me, you don't need to give me advanced warning you're about to be respectful. I'll get it during the process of you being respectful.
  2. "I'm just being honest"
    Being honest is not an excuse or license to be rude or hurtful to someone else. I hear "honesty" thrown around way too often as a disguise for nastiness. It's absolutely possible to give an honest opinion in a kind and thoughtful manner.
  3. "I was spanked as a child and I turned out fine"
    No, you managed to turn out OK in spite of the fact you were spanked. Why are children the only living things it's still legal to hit? It's illegal to hit your spouse, your dog, your elders, anyone you meet on the street, yet it's ok to hit your kids. This mindset needs to change.
  4. "I was just joking."
    ...after someone just got called on their comment. Suddenly you're joking now? Or the joke portion of your truth joke suddenly became the more important piece of your statement? I don't buy it. Either own your comments or keep them to yourselves. Don't try and make a passive aggressive dig with a truth joke.