I work for a large health system with 24,000 employees. I've been at the company 9 years and in a corporate role for 3 years. So I know a lot of people. Life changes quickly, enjoy it!
  1. A nurse I worked with when I first started here
    I haven't seen her in 4 years. She married one of the guys who works at the hospital. He actually proposed to her at the hospital. We had fun turning PACU into a fancy breakfast bistro. Now she's working at one of the physician offices that ties into one of my major projects. She's wanted a baby for a long time and is now 4 months pregnant. So happy for her!
  2. A pharmacist I worked on a couple of projects with about 5 years ago
    She's in a leadership role now and has had twins since I last saw her. The twins turn a year old the same day my Zoey turns 6 months old.
  3. A friend who came to visit me in the hospital
    She brought my a Boppy to the hospital and I still use it every day. I got to catch up with her and show her Zoey's picture of the day.
  4. A patient experience coach I haven't seen in 2 years
    Last time I saw him, he was hobbling around on crutches heading to physical therapy. He's walking just fine now!
  5. A tech who is now a nurse who came through one of my classes a few months ago
    I was still pregnant when she was in my class. I was so happy to see her in the nurse color scrubs and RN on her badge!
  6. One of MY nurses who took care of Zoey and me while we were in the hospital
    This was special! As a nurse, you rarely get to see your patients after they're back to their real life and functioning as they usually do. As a patient, you don't always get the chance to thank your care team. She happened to walk by my office as I was heading to heat up my lunch. I recognized her first (and also recognized the "hmmm...how do I know you?" look on her face) and told her she was my nurse in January. We caught up and I got to personally thank her for taking care of us.