I love Saturday mornings! They're what I live for. This one was funny to me.
  1. The kid who can sleep through fireworks and barking dogs woke up when my knee popped getting out of bed.
    I guess I won't sneak downstairs and get a little work done early.
  2. I don't have any coffee creamer in the house.
    So I put in milk and sugar like a savage.
  3. I can't decide which cookies to eat for breakfast: Oreos or peanut butter Nekot?
    Because we didn't get groceries, ok!
  4. The bag of frozen breastmilk I thawed last night sprung a leak.
    This is the only one on the list that actually does annoy me!
  5. I found my daughter's dinner still on her forehead this morning.
    How'd I miss all those sweet potatoes? Idk. I'm tired.