Apparently I get stuck on a loop and say the same things at very predictable times. I wasn't aware of this until my husband @thedogatesoup and I were trapped at home together for 3 months after our baby was born. (Yes he took his full paternity leave with me.) @thedogatesoup I know there are more!
  1. Josh Rosenthal, UFC referee
    Apparently, every time I saw him refereeing a match, I'd say " I just don't know what it is about him. I just don't trust him." According to @thedogatesoup I say the exact same thing every time.
  2. Hearing sirens while driving
    "I hate hearing sirens and not knowing where they're coming from." I don't see the problem with wanting to be safe.
  3. Carrying the humidifier reservoir by the handle, even though the directions say not to
    "Don't carry that by the handle, Hun." (Proud of myself for being so witty and original.)