Some things.... Some days....
  1. When my door is closed and my IM is set to "do not disturb"
    And someone comes knocking anyway.
  2. When people request read receipts on unimportant emails
    Really? You needed a read receipt to ensure I read your reply all saying "thank you?"
  3. Replying to all
    When there is no reason to reply to all.
  4. Replying to all asking everyone to stop replying to all
    Let's think about that for just a moment...
  5. Talking on speakerphone with your door open
    We're lucky enough to have offices and not cubes, so let's take advantage of our handy dandy doors.
  6. Sending every email as high importance
    I will ignore your emails on purpose.
  7. Dropping by to chat a little often for a little too long
    I have things to do and people I want to get home to see. Want to take on a couple of my projects since you seem to have some extra free time?
  8. Squeezing your giant vehicle into a compact spot
    Seriously. It says compact. When is an F350 compact? Get out of my space!
  9. Starting a conversation with "this will just take a minute."
    And rambling in my office for 45 minutes. Saying tell "just take a minute" is a show stopper that lets me know to get comfy and SOS text someone to need me urgently.