I still love Li.st! I'm just busy. @Heartsounds
  1. Zoey is 8.5 months old now!
    She's getting more mobile and cuter every day. But also realizing how to demand mom's attention.
  2. August was the busiest month at work ever.
    Really possibly my busiest month in work history. Ever. I drove almost 2,000 miles for work and had 10-12 hour days several days a week.
  3. I'm still breastfeeding!
    Which takes up time. I'm not pumping as much as I was and my milk supply is barely hanging on, but I'm still going!
  4. I'm so tired
    Zoey has decided sleeping at night and taking naps aren't her cup of tea for the last few days. 😳
  5. We started prepping the house for a toddler
    Rearranged the living room to start!
  6. We took Zoey to see her grandparents
    Always a fun trip, but always tiring