Why it's not OK to give a stay at home dad a hard time

My husband stays home to take care of our baby daughter. That's what's best for our family and we're all happier because of it. He gets a fair amount of crap from family and friends and it's really not cool.
  1. For starters, it's none of your business
    Does our decision affect you, your family, your friends, your job or daily life in any way? Absolutely not.
  2. If me and my lady bits stayed home, you'd be fine with it
    I get it that in some families, religions, geographical areas, etc the woman staying home is the thing. I disagree with it and think that women undervalue their gifts to the world, but when you grow up a certain way and it works for you, I support. What I don't support is people trying to push their values on me and my family and trying to make my husband feel like he's not doing his job because he's not out making money. He IS doing his job because he IS doing what our family needs.
  3. Giving me the pitiful look that I have to work or making me feel like I'm not doing my job because I'm not at home
    I have a graduate degree and a national certification in my field. I have an excellent job, tenure with the company, vested 401k, increased paid time off accrual and excellent benefits. But I'll just go ahead and stay home because that's what I'm supposed to do. What I'm supposed to do, in reality, is to take care of my family and be a happy and fulfilled person so I can give them what they need. There are a lot of ways to make the family thing happen. This is our way.
  4. Honestly, stop it with the name calling and picking
    Sometimes I have to check my hair for a scrunchie to see if we've been transported back to middle school. I have zero tolerance for what I call truth jokes. One's true feelings, shrouded in a joke, so you can play it off when we finally go off on you and you'll act like we're just too sensitive because you were only kidding.
  5. It's time to move past tradition
    Yes, we've heard it, in YOUR family, it's the man's job to provide for the family and YOU couldn't imagine not being able to take your wife out to dinner. In MY family, I couldn't imagine having gender roles etched in the driveway and having to fit into someone's prescribed box. You do you, and we'll do us, but please come out of your box and realize the world is changing (for the better, in my opinion.)
  6. Babies need people, they don't care if it's their mom or dad
    But babies NEED their MOM. So single dads aren't capable of raising kids? If the mom is sick or something happens to her, are single dads required to rent a mombot so the baby has a lady 24/7? What babies need are supportive, loving adults to meet their needs and create a nurturing environment for them to thrive. They don't care what combination of male/female that looks like.
  7. Support dads who are involved
    Better yet, support ANY parent who is doing his or her best for his/her kids every day of their lives.