I think I will enjoy this app

Random thoughts of the day 💃
  1. If I had packed my things yesterday, I wouldn't have to wake up so early!
    Paris today yay!
  2. I'm sure peanut butter is a healthy for breakfast!
    I might have to check on that later
  3. I'll walk to work!
    I knew waking up early would make me productive somehow! 👌
  4. How long have I been on Bloomberg today?!
    Man, there is so much information available!
  5. I should get an avocado cutter..
  6. Can't stop saying Hooold the Dooor!!
    Game of Thrones party yesterday
  7. I should read Mashable France instead, to practice my french!!
  8. If I had my running shoes right now, would I really go running?
  9. I just had a very intense conversation with myself.
  10. Don't advertise it as free wifi if you restrict access to basically everything!
    Yea, I'm talking to you airport lounge!
  11. This can go on for a while...