1. Dog burrito. I like to take dumb pictures of my dog lookin all cute.
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  2. My great-great grandmother, courtesy of ancestry.com.
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  3. My friend Steven Knudson's painting. I love his work. So whimsical.
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  4. Dale going in deep for the garter.
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  5. Cuddling inside a redwood. It was my husband's first time seeing one, and he was a forestry major. It was amazing.
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  6. I painted Mason jars and put bouquets in them for our support staff for administrative professionals' day. They lurved it.
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  7. My step-sister-in-law whoopin it up at my bachelorette.
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  8. Terrifying Santa I drew on those plates we made when we were kids.
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  9. My bestie and I at Lake Tahoe four years ago. @gabimoskowitz
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