1. If you want to sit on your deck naked eating chips, no one is there to make you feel weird.
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  2. You can shoot targets off your kitchen balcony; if you need more beer, it's just 6 steps away.
  3. You're too far out for family to swing by unannounced.
  4. You have a resident owl and woodpecker whom you have named.
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  5. You feel less compelled to go out all the time; it's beautiful and peaceful at home.
    (Or am I just getting old and boring?)
  6. Your pyro husband doesn't piss off any neighbors when he builds a sky-high bonfire in the yard.
  7. It's cheaper in the country, so you double your square footage moving from the city.
    I actually have a craft room. It's pretty much been a dream of mine.
  8. You use your canoe every weekend, cause the river is literally RIGHT THERE.
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  9. It's easier to like people when you're not on top of them constantly.
    I fixate less on the necessity of a population reset since moving to the country.