There are a few mundane things that inexplicably make me want to hide under my desk.
  1. Making phone calls related to work or pretty much returning calls from anyone.
    I had to leave a message for a retired judge to ask if he kept a copy of an order he filed because the clerk's office, DA and defense counsel don't have a complete copy. This should be pretty easy and straight-forward, but I internally hemmed and hawed before finally calling. I just didn't feel like explaining what I need. I'm also putting off calling the pest control company that came out last month to tell them that a mouse ran over my guest's head while she was sleeping last night.
  2. Checking the mailbox.
    Shouldn't I be excited anticipating some unexpected card or maybe a catalog from my favorite store? Nope. I get all weird about 2 miles from my driveway wondering if my husband will check it if i skip it. Then inevitably I put the car in park and make myself walk in my nice work shoes on gravel to check the empty box. The whole thing stresses me out and I know it's stupid.
  3. Pooping at work.
    I like the privacy of my own home, and they have really cheap, rough TP at my office. Knowing that someone may barge into the bathroom at any time and recognize my shoes to know it's me pooping just gives me stage fright.