My change of heart has nothing to do with heart. It's basic utility. Previously, my emotions told me that if someone's child were brutally murdered, who am I to say it's wrong to terminate the life of the killer. I now think otherwise, but for entirely practical reasons.
  1. It's crazy expensive, and the taxpayers foot the bill.
    The state pays attorneys to prosecute, usually pays attorneys to defend (rarely can defendants afford counsel, and they're guaranteed death penalty certified representation), the judge, court staff, and countless behind the scene people work thousands of hours in death penalty cases. Literally millions of dollars are spent on every case. Don't we have more important things to spend our money on, like education to keep kids from entering a life of crime in the first place?
  2. It drags out for several years, often decades, dragging the victim's family through the dirt constantly.
    If the murderer got a life sentence without parole, it's done. People need to move on and not have constant reminders of the worst thing that ever happened to them.
  3. Erroneous convictions.
    The legal system is run by people, people are fallible, sometimes we get it wrong. There shouldn't be any margin for error in taking a life. Even if the percentage is minimal, it's too much.
  4. Prison really, really sucks.
    Let the murderers rot with boredom. I would probably rather die than live the rest of my life under those shit conditions. Seems like the worst punishment possible, which is fitting.