Things that make me go "hmmmm."
  1. Those dudes who put fake tow hitches on the back of their truck that are actually shaped like a dangling sack of balls. I don't want to see that on my way to work. Thanks.
  2. This trend where hairstylists cut your hair, then spray "beachy" salt shit and muss it all up and then act like that's a nice way to wear your hair and send you on your way. Now I have to wash and style my hair to see if the cut is any good. If I wanted to look like I just swam in the ocean and got laid in a sandcastle, I would do it the fun way.
  3. Dining out with a group when the person who clearly ordered the most expensive stuff, apps and cocktails tells the waiter to split the check evenly. Dick move, dude.
  4. When my dogs start scooting their butts on the carpet to express a week after the vet expressed them. If you don't have dogs, did you know this was a thing?