1. 90's sports film centering around youths
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  2. Books
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    I read. A lot.
  3. Adventures with George
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  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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  5. Making Lists
    Thanks to this app I no longer have any free time
  6. Delicious Puns
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    Not just tasty puns but all puns
  7. Stefon
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    Human fire hydrant
  8. Space
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    The final frontier?
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    Books. Movies. Merch. Amusement Parks.
  10. Starkid
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    Super mega awesome foxy hot
  11. The Lonely Island
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  12. Cupcakes
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    Two girls one cupcake
  13. Shakespeare
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    Plays. Sonnets. Insults. Receding hairline. I bite my thumb at you, sir.
  14. Robin Sparkles
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  15. Doctor Who
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