mostly irrational, but very real.
  1. I chose the wrong major.
  2. I'll never see my current friends after I graduate.
  3. I'll be underemployed next year.
  4. I'll be unemployed next year.
  5. I'll spend my whole year applying for things after I graduate, get none of them and then have missed out on an entire year of college fun.
  6. I will have no way to make friends when I'm not in school.
  7. If I don't find someone to have a lifelong relationship with here, I never will.
  8. I didn't take the right classes to be accepted by grad schools.
  9. Whenever I return to my university it will have changed so much and be unrecognizable.
  10. People will see me as a failure if I don't have a good-paying job related to my major after I graduate.
  11. I'll never be able to decide which grad program to be a part of, let alone be accepted by one.
  12. I will never be able to be silly or irresponsible ever again.