I just finished The Human Stain and occasionally during reading I'd have to pause and let a great bit of writing just sink in for a moment, then I'd transcribe it just to feel it some more.
  1. I would do anything I could think of not to bore you, including dropping out of contact, if necessary, so as to avoid the risk of becoming boring.
  2. Afraid of being exposed, dying to be seen - there's a dilemma for you.
  3. She had a physical incandescence, a girlish American flashbulb radiance that was particularly voodooish in its power.
  4. Then he meets Iris, and that's it. It's been fun with Ellie, and it continues to be fun, but some dimension is missing. The whole thing lacks the ambition - it fails to feed that conception of himself that's been driving him all his life.
  5. The man looked like he was carved by Praxiteles in 350 BC and touched up by Paramount in 1947.