Sometimes you're out and you pass a dog and your eyes meet. I always maintain eye contact for as long as we can.
  1. Doberman. By the serpentine in Hyde park. We locked eyes as I passed. A deep connection. He was on a leash. His owner was old.
  2. Husky. The Pearle cafe in Hackney. It watched me eat an entire sandwich. Wise eyes. Knowing. Jealous.
  3. Chiuwawaha. On the bus. She was on her owner's lap. I was on the seat opposite. She looked into my eyes as if we were old Navaho Indian friends.
  4. Alsatian. Outside my school in 1994. He was sat with his owner man. Ears pricked. Large brown eyes. We locked eyes. I think he was trying to communicate the secret of the universe or something.
  5. Great Dane. The cinema. This summer. I'm not sure who he was with or how he even got in or if he could even follow Interstellar, but half way through the movie he turned in his seat and stared at me blankly for fifteen minutes. It was beautiful.