I have a twitter account solely for pitching music videos to Lenny Kravitz - twitter.com/BoongieVids . Inspired by the song "Boongie Drop" http://bit.ly/1FEYkyq
  1. King Midas in da club.
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  2. FedEx Delivery Man
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  3. Single Dad Romance
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  4. Ladies Room Attendant
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  5. Sexy Zombies
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  6. Sexy Food Fight
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  7. Scuba Diving
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  8. Arc de Triomphe
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  9. At the UN
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  10. Puppy Disco
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  11. Milk (this one was assisted by @goobs IIRC)
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  12. Lenny Kravitz has passed on these ideas so far. But I'm not a quitter.