Work is totally batshit but everyone's pretending it's not, a family member lost their job, and every second spent on things I don't care about is a pinprick of wasted life. I'm not even going to talk about the evil orange-haired troll that brought his hate parade to MY city. Here are some things bringing me solace.
  1. RuPaul's Drag Race
    I'm rewatching season 4. Living for Latrice Royale and Sharon Needles (Chad is great too).
  2. Coffee
    You can't be lethargically over it when you have a caffeine high. Then you're energetically over it!
  3. MNEK
    Do yourself a goddamn favor and get on the MNEK train. You may know him from that song "Never Forget You" but he also just put out "At Night (I Think About You)" and his EP is lovely and hype.
  4. Infinite Jest
    I love this book. I just love it. It's a whole freaking world to dive into. It's gotten me through worse than this.