Not an exhaustive list. Many of these recent ones were with @ohlauren.
  1. Green Day - Las Vegas, 2008?
    My parents took my sister and I to Vegas for the weekend. My dad found a really cheap motel and we made fun of him housing us a den of prostitution. Yes, I went to a quasi-punk concert with my parents. Don't care, Green Day puts on a good show and clearly love performing.
  2. Lupe Fiasco, Ben Kweller - San Diego, 2009?
    This was a fall concert at my college. People kept chanting "LUPE-LUPE!" durring BK's set. Which sucks cuz he was great and made me a fan. Also, I will never forget the big, goofy grin on the face of Mr. Fiasco's hype man. He was so happy to be doing what he was doing.
  3. Kris Roe of The Ataris - San Diego, 2009
    Also a college concert, at UCSD's Porter's Pub, where they rarely card and you can get drunk with your Poetry Professor.
  4. Green Day - San Diego, 2010
    This was a weird kind-of date.
  5. Cold War Kids
    At Belly Up in Solana Beach. The bassist was having the best time!
  6. Jonny Lang
    This was a bougie-as-fuck venue. I sat between middle-aged couples drinking $12 cocktails and their unimpressed teen children. The opener learned that this is not the crowd to ask "Can I get a witness?!"
  7. Lil Wayne and Drake, 2015
    @ohlauren and I have determined that Lil Wayne is attractive because he is half dad, half stoner, and half ripped. Drake was charming and saw some boobs.
  8. Lenny Kravitz, The Fonda in LA, 2015
    Holy shit, this show. A band full of incredible musicians working together beautifully. Also, lots of horny moms.
  9. Turquoise Jeep, LA
    I think this was at The Roxy. An amazing group of guys who give lap dances and have a song about being a pirate pimp. "Treat me like a pirate/and gimme that booty."
  10. The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me!
    I became an Against Me! fan. Great set from TGA. I did not mosh.
  11. Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd, 2015
    I was supposed to just drop some friends off, but someone couldn't come, so I got a ticket. RS are alarming and charming. NM gave life advice and her backing vocalist was ON FIRE.
  12. Lenny Kravitz, The Greek Theatre LA, 2015
    I won free tickets through a streaming/social media contest. Lenny was sick and losing his voice. Is it ethical to ask an artist for an encore when you know they're not feeling well? "ONE MORE SONG, IF YOU FEEL UP TO IT" just isn't as compelling.
  13. Jesse McCartney
    Yes, of "Beautiful Soul" fame! He released a great rnb/ pop/retroish album called "In Technicolor" and the show was outstanding. @ohlauren and I just kept saying "WOW." "He was so good!"
  14. Bob Dylan, Orange County
    Bob does not want you to sing along with him. He'll mess with the key and arrangements and he does not care if you like it. Still very good.
  15. Bob Dylan, Tucson
    This was about a month later, when I briefly moved to Tucson. I lasted six weeks.
  16. Turquoise Jeep, San Diego
    PRETTY RAHEEM SANG TO ME!! I looked away because I am afraid of attention even when I crave it.
  17. One Direction, Anaheim
    Their first sold-out American tour. @ohlauren and I started the day at Disneyland and ended with this show at the Honda Center. Fun show that was thick with adolescent female sexuality. Also it was Fathers Day and we gifted some ear plugs to dads in the beer line.
  18. Pitbull
    With @goobs @Allys_on and Lauren. We were supposed to see Pitbull AND Kesha, but we miscalculated and missed the Tik Tok queen. Nevertheless, Pitbull was incredibly likable. He loves performing, loves the audience, and he has only one weird dance move: fist pump with limited hip thrust all while leaning back like he's limboing.
  19. One Direction, The Rose Bowl, 2015
    Started at Disneyland this time too. It was a Thursday night, the first of their 3 night stay at the venue. They put on a fun show with all their best songs. This was about 6 months before Zayn left. And we saw it coming. He did not want to be there. He seemed to be purposefully turning away from the cameramen. He did his job, though. Dude can SANG. As we drove home, @ohlauren and I kept wishing him happiness.