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  1. "Can I get a Coke with no ice."
    "Sure" "Oh, but could you make sure it's extra cold?"
  2. "They [his children] like to build their own tacos."
    Me: "Do we have a button in the computer that tells the kitchen to make a deconstructed kid's meal?" Coworker: "They want us to NOT make the food?"
  3. I deliver a customer the Mexican beer he ordered.
    "Is that a lime?" (Points to lime on rim of glass) "Yes." "I don't like limes." (I walk around a corner and remove the lime. I return) "Did you just take the lime off?"
  4. Old lady finds it very unfair that a' la carte prices incentivize you to order a meal.
  5. "How am I supposed to eat this? The veggies are too big!"
  6. Wife tries to use expired Veteran's Day coupon.
    I point out it's expired. She pouts for half an hour. Manager tells embarrassed husband we would be "honored" to buy his meal.
  7. The dead eyes of young parents with four children under 6.
  8. "Did you vote for Obama?"
  9. Pointing to the Sinless Sweet Cream ice cream at Coldstone "But, does it absolve you of sin like communion?"
    Hard core Catholic teens I knew from youth group at my Catholic Church who visited me during one of my shifts. They thought they were being so funny!
    Suggested by @ohlauren