A few things that I think are a little bit beautiful.
  1. Going to the DMV
    Hear me out. It is one of the only places that people of all classes, races, religions, and styles must go and are treated exactly the same. A momentary union of people who might never be in the same room otherwise.
  2. Older Couples Holding Hands
    Old people who still want each other. Small acts of affection are beautiful.
  3. When a Toddler Wordlessly Motions to a Stranger
    To very small children, everyone is a caregiver, everyone is a teacher. They can see good in everyone.
  4. The Takeoff of a Plane
    We are all packed in together, holding our breath in mutual fear and marvel.
  5. Children at a Concert
    Not a free one. When someone buys a ticket for a child. They aren't worried the experience will be wasted on a kid. And that concert might just blow his/her fucking mind.