10 studio albums and one Greatest Hits compilation (as of Oct. 2015)
  1. 11. Let Love Rule ('89)
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    An unusual choice for the debut album of an attractive dude. Not bad, but a little boring.
  2. 10. Lenny ('01)
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    Combined with the album title, I assume this is meant to be a close up of him. You know, show us the real Lenny. Sunglasses are important to him.
  3. 9. Are You Gonna Go My Way ('93)
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    The object or purveyor of the sexual gaze? While a woman stands in the foreground, the focus is on Lenny and his abs.
  4. 8. It Is Time for a Love Revolution ('08)
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    This was Lenny's GW Bush/Iraq War era record. He also talks marriage. He's older, wiser, and looking past the present.
  5. 7. Strut ('14)
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    Lenny wants us to know he's still got it. "It" being abs. Granted, he's the only person I'm okay with wearing a vest or blazer with no shirt (see the video for the single "Lady" off Baptism).
  6. 6. Circus ('95)
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    I like this pose. The microphone and fame itself is a beast to be wrestled with. Curves and circles show up throughout.
  7. 5. Mama Said ('91)
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    The feather boa and title express an appreciation if the feminine. One of this album's singles was "Stand By My Woman."
  8. 4. 5 ('98)
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    By this, Lenny's fifth album, he's feeling overexposed. He makes only a cursory appearance.
  9. 3. Greatest Hits ('00)
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    This album art says, "Come at me, ladies. I took the button off my jeans to move things along."
  10. 2. Black and White America ('11)
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    Defiance, innocence, and wisdom. Also, a cute '70s kid with a peace sign painted on his face.
  11. 1. Baptism ('04)
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    The Pièce de résistance. We have a gorgeous pool of dense red. We have flat-ironed hair. We have a nipple piercing. This is the clear winner.