After college I decided to move to Tucson with the only friend from high school I was still in contact with.
  1. We were roommates but she basically lived at her boyfriend's.
  2. When her mom visited, she hid a backpack of condoms in my room.
  3. She wanted a tattoo of said boyfriend's initials. In a heart. On her boob.
  4. The first tattoo place said she should go somewhere else because she was too picky.
  5. She got a dog.
  6. I wrote a poem called Tucson Town Blues.
  7. I was really into early Bob Dylan.
  8. I bought a pet rat and named her Edgar Sunflower (Edgar just because, Sunflower in reference to Ginsburg's "Sunflower Sutra").
  9. I got my first full-time big girl job at a real estate appraisal company.
  10. A week later I woke up late, called work and said I had a family emergency and had to go back to Cali.
  11. The emergency was that my depression was experiencing an epic revival.
  12. I drove home with my mattress and rat.