I attract nicknames.
  1. Mi-Chang
    My freshman year of college, I lived across the hall from a guy of Vietnamese descent. I was told this name means "white girl." Several of my friends freshman year called me this almost exclusively.
  2. Race Car
    Because I go from zero to drunk in two drinks. Vroom vroom!
  3. The Gaussian Blur
    Because my last name is Gauss.
    Ahh, the creme de la creme and most enduring of my monikers. Variations include Creamz and Creamsickle, I was watching Top Gun with some friends (ps my home is called The Danger Zone). We came up with our Top Gun names. Inspired by Goose and Maverick, we came up with Thruster, Badger, and for me, Creamy P. At some point my preference for creamy peanut butter came up and inspired my Top Gun name.