Today I am going to a party at a house known as The Alamo ( because it's on Texas Street and we live CA).
  1. @Allys_on and @goobs are leaving to go backpacking in Southeast Asia. I already miss the shit out of them.
  2. This week includes @goobs and our friend JJ's birthdays.
  3. @Allys_on and @goobs have lived in the barely-standing structure known as the Alamo for about 3 years. They have bravely and valiantly carried the responsibility of being the party house.
  4. @xmrblondex will be moving soon and I already miss the shit out of him.
  5. He is bringing approximately 10 gallons of an alcoholic concoction he calls "the hooch."
  6. Becky and Bennett got engaged!
  7. Our adorable friends Kati and Jesse are moving so their badass baby can be near family. I miss the shit out if them already.
  8. @goobs had her last day at the job she hates yesterday!
  9. It's a beautiful sunny day in San Diego and none of us have comic con passes.
  10. We are all resigned to the fact that we are going to party straight into the afterlife today.
  11. It's been nice knowing you all.