1. Tipping
    I appreciated this much more after working at a restaurant. Everyone pays their share and tips generously. My friends treat people working in the service industry as professionals whose time has value.
  2. Women can talk about sex
    My female friends can openly discuss having sex and wanting sex. And people notice and admit when they say something that perpetuates slut-shaming.
  3. When they don't escalate a bad situation
    Kill 'Em with kindness and know when to walk away.
  4. We admit to uncool things
    To the point that coolness and irony are hard to identify in our conversations. They support my love of Lenny Kravitz and One Direction and have assured me that it is ok to genuinely love the book Infinite Jest.
  5. Party and business
    My friends are badasses who get shit done. They are human mullets, showing responsibility one minute and whimsy the next.
  6. Work for nonprofits
    Several of my friends work for nonprofit organizations because they care about the causes and community. Others of us volunteer.
  7. Living Creatively
    There's Not That Bad, @goobs and @xmrblondex 's web series, Gary's band, improv comedy, knitting, and more.