1. Ok this won't be so bad. No commitment, I don't have to talk to anyone. It's like window shopping for dudes.
  2. Oh my god! His favorite book is Infinite Jest! We must be soulmates!
    I will "like" him but not send a message because I'm already pushing past my comfort zone.
  3. Why does OKCupid even show me people who are a 0% match?
  4. What should the standard be? Only investigate guys with at least 80% compatibility? 90%?
  5. I'll look at essays, then details, and then pictures because I need them to be lovable on the inside.
  6. That guy is too conventionally attractive. I'm not sure if I don't like that or if I just think he's out of my league.
  7. He looks like he hangs out in Pacific Beach. I don't want to go to Pacific Beach.
  8. Since when do this many people hike and rock climb?
  9. Maybe it's impossible to sound normal in this context.
  10. I'm attracted to older men but it also makes me worry about daddy issues and patriarchal power dynamics. So try to keep it within 5 years of my age?
  11. At what point is spelling and grammar awareness just self-sabotage?
  12. Hmm I wonder if anyone has messaged me since I finally went on the site again.