People more in tune with fashion might know why this hat thing is happening. I don't.
  1. James Bay
    His debut album, Chaos and The Calm, is pretty great. But why the hat, though?
  2. Cody Simpson
    Teen heartthrob who discovered weed and is reinventing himself. Good for him, but why with the hat?
  3. This guy
    This look clearly isn't making him happy. Why carry that burdensome hat when your heart is elsewhere?
  4. This lady
    Is she a fashionable spy? Hiding from personal demons? Maybe she sunburns easily? ( I know dat feel gurl)
  5. Carmelo Anthony
    It's like a halo of tamed adventure around his face.
  6. Madonna
    Because Madonna.
  7. John Mayer
    Was at the forefront of this inexplicable trend. But whyyyyy @john ?
  8. Johnny Depp
    Much like Depp, the hat was once an oddity, but is now is enmeshed in the public dialogue. Perhaps he holds the answer we seek. Why the hat?
  9. God, I wish I was a hat person.
  10. Harry Styles
    I might be alone in this but WHY THE HAT, THOUGH?
    Suggested by   @ohlauren