People more in tune with fashion might know why this hat thing is happening. I don't.
  1. James Bay
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    His debut album, Chaos and The Calm, is pretty great. But why the hat, though?
  2. Cody Simpson
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    Teen heartthrob who discovered weed and is reinventing himself. Good for him, but why with the hat?
  3. This guy
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    This look clearly isn't making him happy. Why carry that burdensome hat when your heart is elsewhere?
  4. This lady
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    Is she a fashionable spy? Hiding from personal demons? Maybe she sunburns easily? ( I know dat feel gurl)
  5. Carmelo Anthony
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    It's like a halo of tamed adventure around his face.
  6. Madonna
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    Because Madonna.
  7. John Mayer
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    Was at the forefront of this inexplicable trend. But whyyyyy @john ?
  8. Johnny Depp
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    Much like Depp, the hat was once an oddity, but is now is enmeshed in the public dialogue. Perhaps he holds the answer we seek. Why the hat?
  9. God, I wish I was a hat person.
  10. Harry Styles
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    I might be alone in this but WHY THE HAT, THOUGH?
    Suggested by @ohlauren