Reasons I Love RMU

Why it was so hard to leave my home:
  1. Working for reslife
    I never knew that becoming a community advisor would have such a profound effect on my life. I have met so many amazing people as a CA and learned what it takes to truly be a leader. I also never thought I would become so close with my supervisors. I honestly couldn't have done it without their support.
  2. My sorority
    Joining Greek life wasn't a priority when I started college. In fact, I didn't join my sorority until my junior year. Sigma Kappa was new to campus and I found my calling. I was able to finally be involved in something bigger than myself and grow as a person. Not to mention I was able to meet fifty plus amazing women that I can now call my sisters.
  3. Traveling to Ireland
    I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Ireland for a two week faculty led trip. Traveling abroad put my life into perspective and ignited my desire to travel. I grew close to the others on my trip and was able to experience things I never would have been able to otherwise.
  4. Christine
    Christine was my first and best friend that I had at RMU. We met on the first day at our hall meeting and were inseparable ever since. She is such an amazing woman inside and out and I cannot wait to see what life has in store for her. She deserves the best.
  5. Jolene
    Jolene and I started as graphic design students and immediately bonded. While Jolene changed her major and I stuck with art, our friendship remained strong. She motivates me to work harder every day and I honestly could not have gotten through my collegiate years without her. I cannot wait to see where she goes with the NBA. She's going to kick ass!
  6. Emily
    Emily is my partner in crime, what more could I say. She is the funniest woman I know and she's also the most talented. She has pushed me to be better and I could not recognize my own success without recognizing hers first. She is truly my inspiration whether she likes it or not!
  7. It's Home
    Robert Morris University will always be my home. In a time of great change in my personal life, RMU has always been my steady rock. It was the place I looked forward to return to every break and the place I refused to leave for the summer between my junior and senior years. I have met the most amazing people and each of them have changed my life for the better. So thank you, RMU, for changing this life.