1. Cotton candy sunsets
  2. Misandrist mugs
  3. Stretching
  4. Starry summer nights
  5. Having a hot shower when I get home after freezing outside
  6. Chocolate and banana smoothies
  7. Going to the movies by myself
  8. Writer's high
  9. Runner's high
  10. Pastry filled with Sonho de Valsa
  11. Ice cream pizza
  12. The smell of clean sheets
  13. Re-reading Harry Potter
  14. Re-watching Harry Potter
  15. Shonda Rimes' characters' monologues
  16. Finishing a hard book
  17. Losing myself when a favorite song starts playing at a concert
  18. Learning new languages
  19. Having life-giving conversations with friends over coffee
  20. Heated debates about completely irrelevant pop culture trivia that end in belly-aching laughter
  21. Driving in the middle of the night on an empty highway
  22. When people bring me coffee and/or chocolate
  23. Watching birds play in the garden
  24. Cuddling with my dogs
  25. Perfectly warm tea
  26. Experimenting in the kitchen
  27. Cooking for friends
  28. Cooking for myself
  29. Hugging someone for so long that it feels like your heart is beating at the same pace as theirs
  30. Falling fast in friendship
  31. Getting lost in a book
  32. Writing
  33. Making lists