So since my car broke down, all my paychecks went to it the past few weeks. Payday is today and i need stuff badly.
  1. Shampoo
    Dandruff shampoo because it is like frosted flake city up there.
  2. Deodorant
    Im a chubby hispanic girl living in southern California... deodorant is a must
  3. Razors and shaving cream
    Because i have a bush like a 40 year old serbian.
  4. Tooth brushes
    I like to switch mine out because we all know i dont floss like i should and this is the best i can do
  5. Bobby pins
    I have a whole pack somewhere but we all know i only have 2 that i guard with my life
  6. Face wash
    I need that shit
  7. Bar soap
    My mom refuses to use body wash without first using a bar soap. She thinks body wash doesn't cleanse properly
  8. Also tons of things i don't need lol
    You know how trips to walmart/target go