youll quickly figure out which ones are the lows and the highs.
  1. Pregaming
    Bought a Clip (3 pack of tall cans shrinkwrapped together) and a 5th of 100 proof smirnoff vodka...Sick. also cheap. So score.
  2. Waiting in line
    Did i mention pregaming? Yeah i had to pee like a motherfucker. Then the lines got confusing.
  3. My friend being too drunk to function
    Telling everyone in line that they were beautiful
  4. Seeing him
    Finding the guy, he acknowledged me. *Screams like a teen on the inside*
  5. Friend so tipsy she trips going up the stairs
    Shit happens
  6. Friend start getting panic attack
  7. 3 dollar beers
    Cant beat a 3$ draft
  8. Friend cant breath
    Took friend out for air.
  9. Friend throws up on my feet outside
    Again. Shit happens. I walked her to the nearest trash can. Gave her water. Reassured her she just drank too much. Called her brother and he came rushing to pick her up. Texted her all night to make sure she was fine.
  10. Ended up alone at the show
  11. Did i mention this show being on monday night?
    There is nothing more unholy in life, then fun events on weeknights
  12. He and all his friends stayed with me
    They were all cute. He was sexy.
  13. Our bodies were so close
    Also we didnt have a choice, we were at a metal show in a pizza restaurant basement.
  14. The bands
    So good
  15. Show ended at 11:30
    So unholy for a monday night
  16. The drive home
    I live 30 minutes away from the city. I was sleepy
  17. Sleepy drive home
    So fucking tired at that point
  18. Waking up a 6:30