Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. First, catch up on my sleep
  2. Not stress about paying bills
  3. Go back to school!
    I would study psychology of course. And then I'd have time to go on for a doctorate
  4. Travel everywhere I want to
  5. Maybe just spend some time with my family in MN
  6. Eat whatever I want
  7. But then also spend some time at the gym, just cause I'm immortal doesn't mean I have an awesome metabolism
  8. Watch more movies!
  9. Learn archery
  10. Learn how to ride horseback
  11. Go to more concerts
  12. Read so many books. Like, all the books
  13. Live in another country
  14. Become a master diver
  15. Have an awesome garden
  16. You know, have an all around great time