Because @lesleyann is probably the funniest person I will ever know
  1. "I mean, my head's always in the clouds"
  2. "Mumble mumble mumble, and then I'm going to put this screen cap of her getting hated on"
  3. As she reasons with the dog, "you need to share the ball if you want to play. Give me the ball!"
  4. "As boring, bland, and suburbia as it is, it's my favorite dinner"
  5. **sees stroller and gives me crazed look** "Twins, well I guess that's the risk you take"
  6. "How do I get out of here without causing a major accident?"
  7. In response to @Perchlakegirl list of favorite words "Why would you say that? I like other words like Disney...cookies...rainbows...cupcakes... free cruise"
  8. "I don't like watermelon FLAVORED things. Stephanie (her sister) do you even know me at all??!"
  9. "I mean, I have a Kate Spade bag"
  10. "I just listened to you eat those, like I didn't watch you, and it was gross"
  11. "Remember when my bike was stolen. On Easter Sunday."
  12. "Let me just write a dissertation" (talking about how the animated movie Snow White is the first Disney movie, and took it to the next level)
  13. "I don't know how people can live with themselves" (people that confuse Disney animation with others)
  14. "Every once in awhile I can never listen to Dolly Parton"
  15. "But see now that I'm an adult...I can buy these" in reference to the ultimate crayon collection
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  16. Followed by "oh my gosh they smell so good"
  17. Me: "He just needs to grow some ball and stay home, you know" to which @lesleyann replies "that's what I'm doing"
  18. In our nephews room over the baby monitor "attention family, I think he pooed. Someone help, I am incapable"
  19. Me: "Lesley Ann, I want you to make me some food". Response: "said no one ever"
  20. "He's comfort eating because Adele is making him emotional" as our 1 year old nephew stuffs an entire pancake into his mouth (it's a tiny pancake)
  21. "Oh mom, this makes a really nice fan for your hot flashes" referring to a shade for our nephews new stroller
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  22. "Fortune cookies, they'll tear you apart"
  23. "You don't roll dice in Sorry, you draw cards...newb"
  24. "I walk into my closed bedroom door multiple times a week"