This only applies to materialistic things, because you know
  1. Getting a Cuisinart food processor for Christmas
    Especially when you don't ask for it! And then you hug the box for 10 minutes after opening
  2. Visiting Sur La Table after you haven't been in one for 2 years
    And then you find a big pillar and hug it for 10 minutes
  3. Coming home to your cat after a long day at work
    But you don't hug her for 10 minutes unless you want to lose an eye
  4. Realizing your mom just found your car title after panicking and looking for 3 hours
    And then you hug her for 10 minutes because she just saved you 260 dollars that you don't have
  5. The entire cheese section at Whole Foods
    Mmmm, cheese. Stare longingly for no less than 10 minutes at all the deliciousness before you
  6. When you get new inserts for your planner
    And now you get to decorate them. This will probably take you more than 10 minutes