Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary care for an average of 300 small unadoptable pets of 30 different species. We've been licensed since 2004
  1. About 15 years ago we took in 2 ferrets as a home school project. As a newly single mom I was homeschooling my son with special needs and two gifted daughters. My oldest don was already in college
  2. Friends started bringing us pets they could not keep and we learned about them and did fine informal sheltering finding homes for some
  3. Then we found that there were many small pets that were unadoptable due to old age, aggression, chronic illness etc that had nowhere to go
  4. So as a family we decided to create a sanctuary for those most needy pets we became a registered non profit and got our 501c3 tax exempt status and became licensed by the USDA and IL Drpt of Ag
  5. Now Critter Camp is the only sanctuary of its kind in the US all volunteer and only taking in unusual and unadoptable small pets other than cats and dogs
  6. Our next step is to build a state of the art stand alone facility. See all our animals and plans on our site