I bought all of these.
  1. A Good Charlotte CD-ROM.
  2. A second Good Charlotte CD-ROM.
  3. A fake Blue Eyes Dragon Yugioh card that I also paid extra shipping for to get it faster so I could finally beat my neighbor, Arthur, in a duel already and wipe the smug off of his face.
  4. A McRib.
  5. A THIRD Good Charlotte CD.
  6. A ticket to a thing called "Tony Hawks Boom Boom Huck Jam," Good Charlotte was also playing there. I didn't know who they were at the time.
  7. A second tv mounting stand because I really messed up my wall the first time.
  8. A Coors Light.
    I still regret this.
  9. Multiple gas station pizzas.
  10. A replica sword.
    I went to visit Gettysburg and got so amped up that I left with a $120 sword.