Don't Be a Phony

I'm reading my book when I hear this disaster of a conversation:
  1. Guy: So what kind of movies do you like?
  2. Girl: Oh, I love a lot of movies it's too hard to pick a favorite. What's your favorite?
    The girl is obviously very into him from her body language and the excessive hair flipping/twirling
  3. Guy: The Lord of the Rings! The Fellowship of the Ring probably, scratch that, IT IS the best one. You've watched it before, right?
  4. Girl: Oh my gosh I love that movie too! Such a great movie! I'm a huge fan!
  5. Guy: I KNOW RIGHT! Who's your favorite character? I kinda like Gollum.
  6. Girl: oh me too. I like Gollum.
  7. Guy: "My preciousssss.."
  8. Girl: You're so cute. Thanks, I think you're precious too.
  9. Guy: ...
  10. She was also very confused when the guy was talking about the movie and referred to Gollum as Smeagol. 😅